About Me

About Me

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I'm Matt Austin, a former musician who found a new creative outlet and passion in photography. The world of photography has become my stage, and I specialize in capturing the moments that matter most for high school and college seniors in Auburn, AL, and the surrounding areas.

In the past, I was a part of a local band that brought rhythm and harmony to life. But when the world paused during the COVID era, I decided to start my photography journey. What began as a change of tune became a celebration of unique stories and milestones.

My photography is a symphony of emotions, a fusion of creativity, and a tribute to the significance of high school and college years. I've dedicated my career to creating stunning portraits that reflect personalities, achievements, and the spirit of the moment.

Every photograph I take is a nod to my past life as a musician. I understand the essence of storytelling, capturing the energy of the performance, and translating emotions through the lens.

I'm excited to be your storyteller, whether it's through music or photography. If you're looking for personalized, heartfelt senior photography, I'm here to make your journey shine. Explore our portfolio and let's celebrate your senior year through the artistry of Matt Austin Photography.