About Me

About Me

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Hello there! I'm Matt Austin, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my photography world. Photography found me during an unexpected turn of events, serving as a creative lifeline when the world hit pause. As a musician unable to perform in live settings during the pandemic, I sought a new outlet to express myself, and that's how my journey as a photographer began.

My lens of choice gravitates towards the vibrant realm of sports and event photography. There's something truly captivating about capturing people in their natural state, immersed in the excitement of competition or lost in the euphoria of the moment. Through my lens, I strive to immortalize the raw emotions, the victorious triumphs, and the shared camaraderie that binds athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Unlike some photographers, I am entirely self-taught. Learning the intricacies of this art form has been an exciting adventure, allowing me to infuse my unique perspective into every shot. I've discovered that photography, like music, has a profound ability to convey emotions and tell compelling stories.

As an artist, I draw inspiration from visionaries like Peter McKinnon, Jeff Nguyen, Will Vragovic, Monica Bradburn, and Shanna Lockwood. Their artistry has influenced my work and ignited a desire to continually evolve and innovate in my own style.

Beyond the world of photography, I find joy in coaching my daughter's soccer team and serving as the creative director for the Smiths Station United Soccer Association. These experiences keep me connected to the essence of human spirit and drive, which undoubtedly spills over into my photography work.

Thank you for joining me on this visual odyssey. Whether you're here to explore my sports photography, candid event captures, or simply curious about my creative ventures, I hope my images speak to your soul and leave a lasting impression.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you'd like to collaborate. Let's capture some extraordinary moments together!